Alexandra Vitale

I am the Logistics Manager at CSC. We had been utilizing New Penn for many shipments over the past two years, but we were having various concerns. Everything from damaged freight, missing pickups, not delivering on time, to incorrect invoices. We dealt with two different Sales Reps over the two years but neither one could correct the issues we were having. So, I pulled New Penn out of the pool of preferred carriers. After about four months, I received a phone call from Alexandra Vitale. She introduced herself as the “new” New Penn Sales Rep. We had a meeting, and I explained all the issues why I was reluctant to renew the process with New Penn. But she convinced me she would help. After that, she was tenacious. She dug into the causes of the previous issues and one-by-one, she began correcting them. As we booked shipments with New Penn, Alexandra would follow-up to make sure there were no issues and every shipment was picked up on time and delivered on time with no issues. Then she would call me to check on the invoice process to make sure there were no issues with the invoices. Since that time she has turned our attitude around about New Penn. We have begun booking on a more frequent basis with New Penn.

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