Bill Hastings

With a few exceptions, Bill has been our “regular” driver for quite some time now. While we express our gratitude directly to him often, we rarely pass this along to management, so here goes. Bill is everything you could possibly ask for in a representative/driver. I am hesitant to use the term driver as that does not adequately describe who/what Bill is. He is always professional, courteous and detail-oriented. His nickname is due to his ability to maneuver the load to maximize both the safety of the shipment(s) and the amount of freight on board. I’ve been around freight my entire career and the first time Bill asked to borrow a few empty skids, I agreed but with great curiosity. As I watched him stack the empty pallets on top of each other, then call for the remaining pallet to be brought in and placed on top of the empties, I realized why he asked to borrow the empties–to use as a lifter/base to allow the product to be loaded without contacting the freight next to it. I know that is a poor description but seeing it in action was enlightening. I have shared his trick with our other 18 locations for use when they have odd-sized shipments or are pressed for space on a trailer. He checks the freight before loading to ensure it is properly secured to the skid. He has a sense of ownership for everything he touches. You could not do any better for a daily representation of the New Penn mission. I wonder if I would have left the freight industry had there been more Bills at my location. Please make sure “Jenga Master” knows how much we appreciate everything he does. And also please pass this along to the “powers that be” as they should be proud to have an employee as dedicated to excellence as he is.

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