Flexible Consolidated Shipment & Distribution services from New Penn help lower inventory carrying costs and improve product flow.

Improve your Business

consolidated shipment serviceOur customers utilize Consolidation & Distribution services to:

  • Add efficiencies and responsiveness
  • Find more effective economies on inbound shipments
  • Mitigate outbound transportation costs
  • Reduce shipment handling, claims and shortages
  • Improve delivery flexibility

Consolidation & Distribution offer benefits for almost every type of shipper:

Retailers – Consolidate inbound shipments destined for a specific distribution center
Importers – Upload containers of goods portside at distribution points for LTL shipment
Inter-Regional Shippers – Optimize large, cross-country shipments for regional distribution
3PLs – Access assets that support distribution optimization
Private Fleet Operators and Truckload Service Providers – Deliver shipments to service center for local or regional distribution

To take advantage of our Consolidation & Distribution services, contact our customer service professionals at 800-285-5000.