Reliable Freeze Protection services from New Penn maintain shipment temperatures at or above 32° Fahrenheit, protecting your temperature-sensitive freight.

CargoQuilt® Eco-Friendly Advantages

New Penn uses CargoQuilt® covers, a multilayer insulated system that protects your shipments from the elements. They create a thermal barrier over your products, protecting them from the cold as well as other environmental hazards. The CargoQuilt captures the existing environment of the freight and maintains that temperature range for days.

CargoQuilt® covers:

  • Create a barrier to heat-transfer mechanisms, including conduction, convection, radiation and moisture
  • Protect cargo from harmful gases
  • Made from eco-friendly materials that protect the environment

Freeze Protection Made Easy

Our automated dispatch system provides immediate notification for freezable shipments.

To schedule a shipment, simply:

  • Write “Protect From Freezing” on your bill of lading
  • Identify shipments that need protection and their destination when booking
  • Schedule Freeze Protection shipments Monday – Thursday

For more information on Freeze Protection services or to speak with a customer service
representative, call 800-285-5000 ext 4370.