Reliable Freeze Protection services from New Penn maintain shipment temperatures at or above 32° Fahrenheit, protecting your temperature-sensitive freight.


• Our computerized dispatch system identifies shippers of freezable products so we can begin planning for the shipment as soon as you call to place a pickup request

• New Penn’s next- day capabilities reduce the exposure of freight to cold temperatures while in transit

• Warm rooms are available for freight not immediately delivered

• Service to all direct points

Freeze Protection Made Easy

Our automated dispatch system provides immediate notification for freezable shipments.

To schedule a shipment, simply:

  • Write “Protect From Freezing” on your bill of lading
  • Identify shipments that need protection and their destination when booking
  • Schedule Freeze Protection shipments Monday – Thursday

For more information on Freeze Protection services or to speak with a customer service
representative, call 800-285-5000 ext 4370.