Shipping Solutions for Time-Sensitive Deliveries Guaranteed Delivery has never been easier. With built-in flexibility and precision, we’ve got your time-sensitive deliveries covered.

Flexible Guaranteed Delivery

New Penn provides a flexible Guaranteed Delivery service to meet all of your shipping needs—whether you need your shipments to arrive in the morning, by noon or before the end of the day.

Just select the delivery time that works best for you and New Penn handles the rest. Your options include:

  • Before 9:00 a.m.
  • Before noon
  • Before 3:30 p.m.

Guaranteed Window Delivery

Need more precision in your shipping schedule? Select Guaranteed Window Delivery to enjoy even more flexibility with your time-sensitive deliveries.

Precise delivery windows include:

  • One hour but less than two for your most time-critical shipments
  • Two hours or more adds flexibility when you need it most
  • Multi-Day Window Delivery Solution for your deliveries that must be made within a multiple day or single day window

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We Make Next-Day Happen. Scheduling your Guaranteed Delivery is as easy as contacting a customer service professional at 800.285.5000 or specifying Guaranteed Delivery service on your bill of lading.