When shipping to retailers, the time and date of delivery is critical.  New Penn understands the delivery requirements of major retailers, and we offer the solutions to keep you in compliance.

With industry-leading, next-day reliability, and a wide range of services, New Penn provides peace of mind that comes from knowing your Retail Shipment will deliver where and when you need it.  With our Guaranteed Retail Solutions, you can:

  • Improve your scorecard
  • Reduce chargebacks and penalties
  • Enjoy priority scheduling and delivery so products are delivered on the desired date
  • Reduce stock-outs, see higher purchase order fill rates and less short-paid invoices

Standard Delivery

Built for Next-Day Service

Guaranteed Delivery

Select the delivery time that works best for you:

  • Before 9:00 am
  • Before noon
  • Before 3:30 pm

Guaranteed Window Delivery

Precise Delivery window options allow for more flexibility with your time-sensitive deliveries.

  • One hour but less than two for your most time-critical shipments
  • Two hours or more adds flexibility when you need it most
  • Multi-Day Window Delivery Solution for your deliveries that must be made within a multiple day or single day window